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                    Welcome to our company !

                    About Us

                    JY-FINE CHEM is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, specializing in the manufacture and sale of fine chemical enterprises. With papermak-ing additives mainly, supplemented by other specialty chemicals.


                    Contact Us

                    Contact  : Hank Lee  (+86-13506130901)

                    TEL         : +86-512-66655086 

                    FAX        : +86-512-66655090 

                    Address : 215129

                                    No. 138, Taishan Road,

                                    Huqiu New District, Suzhou City,

                                    Jiangsu Province, China 


                    According to the experience of the parent company in Taiwan, a full range of production equipment improvement.




                    Our company has independent wastewater treatment and waste gas treatment facilities, wastewater treatment, waste gas can be completely discharged.


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                    ADD: No. 138, Taishan Road, Huqiu New District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China , 215129

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