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                    Welcome to our company !



                    Contact  : Hank Lee 

                    Mobile   : +86-13506130901
                    TEL         : +86-512-66655086 
                    FAX        : +86-512-66655090 

                    Address : 215129

                                    No. 138, Taishan Road,

                                    Huqiu New District,

                                    Suzhou City,

                                    Jiangsu Province, 


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                    About Us

                    JY-FINE CHEM is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, specializing in the manufacture and sale of fine chemical enterprises. With papermaking additives mainly, supplemented by other specialty chemicals. The introduction of technology, advanced process, become a set of high-tech, production safety, clean production of advanced production plant.

                    Our plant located in SuZhou New District of JiangSu province covers an area of 40 acres and is just in the neighborhood of Hu-Ning High Way and 312 National Road so both the raw materials and final products transportation is very convenient.

                      We materialize and expand this foreign advance technology and setup, beside R&D center and laboratory, a new Application Paper Test Center in an exquisite humidity and temperature controlled laboratory and with most kinds of paper testing instruments and printing equipments in it to provide better services to our esteemed customers.

                      In the starting of this plant we simultaneously introduced both ISO 9001:2000 quality certification system and ERP system and run smoothly at the end of 2005 and then we can better improve our administration system to get a healthier management and produce more stable products.

                    In the first stage of this investment the smallest production reactor is 6 MT in volume with stainless steel 316 as its material and steam as its heating vehicle, while the biggest one is 15 MT in volume also of 316 stainless steel and heating by conduction oil. A complete set of facilities and exquisite control system better ensure the production stability, and the annual capacity is 20,000 MT. We have still some area spared for further investment and all the basic works have already been finished in this area so the second stage can go very easily to get a final total annual capacity of 50,000MT.

                    In the future we will grasp both stability and advance principle and meet our best esteemed customers with newest technology, stable quality, environmentally friendly products, reasonable price and best pre-and after service so that we can grow up with our customer in this fast growing China Market.






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